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My Royal Blue is a solid perlino gelding with no white markings. He is a large boned horse and stands 15.3 hands at 2 years. He has the size, bone, gentle temperament, athleticism and gaits of his grandsires Royal Ivory and Blue Gold. His DNA test indicates he is Ee, Aa, CrCr. Blue also traces to Gunsmoke Fireball through his dam, Darrah's Cappuccino Girl, and to Allen's Gold Zephyr (Roy Roger's Trigger Jr.) through his great~grandsire, Jetstar's Sunrider.

TWHBEA #20904694

Email: TBeckmon@SkiesRBlue.com


Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders and Exhibitors Association

When studying Blue's pedigree you will notice the absence of World Grand Champions from the mid~1960's to the present, the only one being Ebony's Mountain Man, 1980. Walking horses originated out of a need for a utilitarian~versitility horse. Blue's breeding has remained true to this vision. He is the embodiment of foundation breeding manifested in his outstanding walk, rack, and canter plus his almost affectionate attraction to humans. He has no influence of 'big~lick' horses which were bred for the pace.


Jetstar's Sunrider

Delight's Jetstar
Merry Man's Charm


Blue Gold



Big Star's Gold Lady

Eldorado's Big Star
Hero Merry Rose

Captains Cream Color



Tate's Traveler

Montana Traveler
Ebonys Patty Patches

Blanca Traveler



Uptown Miss

Chivas Regal
Dollie Walking Girl


Favorite's Bold Gold E.

Pride's Favorite
Rum Creek Pride E.


Royal Ivory



Christmas Gold E.

Bud England
Mack-K Last Treet

Darrah's Cappuccino Girl



Fire Ball's Traveler

Gunsmoke Fire Ball
Paulas Red Dutchess

Fireball's Mountain Maid



Lovely Mountain Maid

Ebony's Mountain Man
Linda Lov

 Email: TBeckmon@SkiesRBlue.com




Skies R Blue Stables

Tennessee Walking Horses, Spotted Saddle Horses

Tim Beckmon

70 Camino Vista Grande, Santa Fe, New Mexico


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