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Pride's Spotted Spirit passed unexpectedly and prematurely in May of 2008. Please visit the page of our

Black and White Homozygous Tobiano Stallion Sky High Ryder.

  A Homozygous Tobiano Tennessee Walking Horse and Spotted Saddle Horse Stallion

100 % Tennessee Walking Horse

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Research into the pedigrees of Registered Tennessee Walking Horses indicates that a mare named Sandy Sun's Sally (#471671) is one of the first registered Tennessee Walking Horses to carry and pass on the tobiano gene to registered Tennessee Walking Horse offspring. Sandy Sun's Sally's pedigree traces to the foundation of the registry. There were others. Dotie X- 5 and Joy Walker by Joe Allen and Curlee's Spotted Alen were also early tobianos. [The last progeny of Joy Walker registered with TWHBEA was in 1950. There are no lines to Joy Walker in today's Walking Horses] These foundation horses passed the tobiano gene on to many but not all of the tobiano horses we see in the registry today.

Inheritance of the tobiano gene was not always well understood. It is now known to be a case of simple Mendelian dominance controlled by one pair of alleles. This means the tobiano pattern, unlike sabino and overo, cannot skip a generation and that a tobiano horse must have at least one genotypically but not necessarily phenotically tobiano parent ( Please see Crypto~Tobiano ) Before this fact was known, the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders and Exhibitors Association allowed tobiano horses without one tobiano parent to be registered. This brings into question the true parentage of these horses. These so called "grandfathered" horses and their offspring are not from 100 % registered Tennessee Walking Horse stock. In 1989, the requirement of blood typing was adopted by TWHBEA to maintain the integrity of the breed. The "grandfathered" horses and their off spring, having been previously registered, remain on the books. Individuals who want to own a registered tobiano Walking Horse can only be assured that the horse is 100 % Tennessee Walking Horse if the horse's pedigree traces to the foundation of the breed.



Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders and Exhibitors Association

International Pleasure Walking Horse Registry

Spotted Saddle Horse Breeders and Exhibitors Association

Racking Horse Breeders Association of America

National Spotted Saddle Horse Association

Pinto Horse Association of America


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Black and White Tobiano

15.3 Hands Unshod

Breed for Color, Size, Gait, Gentle Temperament and Pedigree

Transported Semen Is Available

Over 400 million cells/ml. and excellent motility after 24 hours!

DNA Testing From the University of Kentucky Indicates This Stallion is Homozygous for the Tobiano Gene.

100% Color Producer, Live Spotted Foal Guaranteed !


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 Paint the Town

Shadow's Blackbird
Dusty Sally




Paint's Prince

 Paint's Moon Man



 Insignia's Sweetheart

Go Boy's Insignia by Merry Go Boy
 Gay Boy's Sweetheart



 Shadow Red Commotion

 Go Boy's Shadow
Lady Burbon

 Sweet Shadow's Gal



Sweet Mystery W.

 Midnight's Mystery P.
 Sweet Chesterfield

Pride's Spotted Spirit


Pride of Midnight H.F.

WGC Midnight Sun
Pride of Stanley


WGC Pride's Jubilee Star



Sun's Star O.

 Sun's Dark Beam
 Lady Sherisse

Pride's Jubilee Lady



Delight's Sundance

WGC Sun's Delight D.
Ebony Ann

June Time's Dancer



Maytime's Junetime

Pride of Midnight H.F.
Duke's Maytime




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