16.2 Hands

Naturally Animated with a Smooth Running Walk, Rocking Chair Canter and a Gentle Disposition.


 Laboratory Tested by U.C. Davis

Homozygous for the Tobiano Gene


A Foundation Tennessee Walking Horse

Thunder Valley's Denali's pedigree traces its' Tobiano to

the Foundation Tobiano Tennessee Walking Horse Sandy Sun's Sally.

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Denali's Pedigree Includes:
  • Nine Lines to Old Time, Naturally Gaited World Grand Champions Midnight Sun, Mack K.'s Hand Shaker, Sun's Delight D., Ebony Masterpiece, Ebony's Senator, Triple Threat, Go Boy's Shadow and Merry Go Boy
  • Three Lines to Giovanni through Sealy's Pretty Girl, Parader's Merry Girl and Struttin' Sal
  • One Line to Trouble through Deep Purple
  • Five Lines to Last Chance through Sun's Delight D., Gowen's Sun Beam and Peacock
  • Six Lines to Merry Legs F-4 through Merry Boy and Major Allen
  • Two Lines to Foundation Tobiano Sandy Sun Sally through White Sally and Dusty Sally


Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders and Exhibitors Association

Spotted Saddle Horse Breeders and Exhibitors Association

Racking Horse Breeders Association of America

 International Pleasure Walking Horse Registry


 Paints Rooster

 Paint The Town
 Rocket's Miss Merry


 Paints Rocky Top



 My April Lady

 Sun's Replica
 Sealy's Pretty Girl

Ebony's Top Threat



 Ebony's Threat A.

 Ebony Masterpiece
 Threat's Shaker

 ET's Miss Magic



 Sis's Midnight Rose

 Delight's Jet Star
 Senator's Serenade

Thunder Valley's Denali


Cat Tracks

Fancy's Capt'n Hook
 Struttin' Sal


Shadow's Tuxedo



Peacock's Shadow

 Shadow Of Peacock
 Shadow's Cinnamon

Tux's Calamity Jane



Pride's Hallelujah

Pride's of Midnight H.F.
Delight's May Glory

Hallelujah Promise



Payoff's Sassy Lady

Payoff's Dixie Boy
Parader's Merry Girl



Denali's Sire

Denali's Dam


Denali's Grand Sire

Denali's Great Grand Sire

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Foundation Bred Homozygous Tobiano Tennessee Walking Horses and Spotted Saddle Horses