Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders and Exhibitors Association


Favorites Bold Gold E.

Pride's Favorite
 Rum Creek Pride E.


Royal Ivory



Christmas Gold E.

Bud England
Mack-K Last Treet

Ivory Man



Billy's Promenader

Golden Promenader
Our Society Lady

Ed's Snowcream



Kirk's Snowflower

Kirk Allen III
Silver Slippers W.


Chance's Gold Dust H.

John A's Chance
Bonnie's Red Glory


Chance's Goldust Dictator



Dictator's Sisroe

 Go Boy's Dictator
Spanish Doll

Rhythm Girl's Last Chance



Ebony's Bold Courier

Ebony Masterpiece
Ann's Merry Gal

Couriers Rhythm Girl



Mack K's Rhythm Girl

Midnight Mack K.
Jolie's Mystery Maid



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