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 Bred from the Best

Midnight Sun, Ebony Masterpiece, Triple Threat, Sun's Delight D. plus four lines to Last Chance through Wilson Snip's Chance.


100 % Tennessee Walking Horse

Threat's Ebony Delight D.'s pedigree traces its' Tobiano to The Foundation Tobiano Tennessee Walking Horse.

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International Pleasure Walking Horse Registry

Tennesse Walking Horse Breeders and Exhibitors Association

Spotted Saddle Horse Breeders and Exhibitors Association

Racking Horse Breeders Association of America


 Paints Rooster

 Paint The Town

 Rocket's Miss Merry


 Paints Rocky Top



 My April Lady

 Sun's Replica

 Sealy's Pretty Girl

Ebony's Top Threat



 Ebony's Threat A.

 Ebony Masterpiece

 Threats Shaker

 ET's Miss Magic



 Sis's Midnight Rose

 Delight's Jetstar

 Senator's Serenade

Threat's Ebony Delight D. TWH#1990257


 Delight Constructor

 Sun's Delight D.

 Maugray's Bobby


Italian Stallion TWHBEA
The Delights Dago



 Delights Amber Spice

 Sun's Delight D.

 Ebony's Black Lady D.

Italy's Angel



 SLF Ace's Sensation

 Sun's Ace of Spades

 Nancy Wilson C.

Ace's Angel Clipper



 Clippers's D. Carol

 Sun's Delight D.

 Sky Clipper

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