A Last Chance Bred Gelding !



15.0 Hands at One Year


A Last Chance / Triple Threat Bred foal by foundation bred




 These two foundation bred horses have produced a colt with the old time Walking Horse gait... four beat running walk, rocking chair canter....




Rebel's Pedigree


Dusty Black Parader

Midnight on Parade
Dusty Dame


 Parader's Black Dust



Kimberly Kay

Wiser's Go Boy
Wilma Allen


Parader Black Threat



 Little Threat

Triple Threat
Sun's Daughter

 Threat's Double Dot



Delight's Dark Doll

Delight's Gold Mine
 Lady Midnight

Chance's Irish Threat


Chance's Goldust H.

John A's Chance by Last Chance
Bonnie's Red Glory


Billy's Gold Chance



Billy's Golden Girl

Golden Promenader
Billy's Yellow Rose by Only Chance by Last Chance


Chance's Molly McMahan



Golden Promenader

Hall Allen by Roan Allen F-38
Annie Alice by Last Chance

Dollie Sanders



Sander's Dollie

Gay Chance by Last Chance
Mary Midnight S.


His Dam

His Sire




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