Naturally gaited with a long over stride at the running walk and a rocking chair canter



A Foundation Bred Tennessee Walking Horse

I'm Shannon's Rainbow's pedigree traces its' Tobiano to

the Foundation Tobiano Tennessee Walking Horses Sandy Sun's Sally and Curlee's Spotted Alen.

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Shannon's Pedigree Includes:

One line to Curlee's Spotted Alen through Shadow's Spotted Alen, one line to Sandy Sun Sally through Rainbow's Dandy Man, one line to Triple Threat through Threat's Top Man plus numerous lines to foundation horses Allan F-1, Wilson's Allen, Roan Allen, Merry Boy, Merry Go Boy, Hall Allen, Hunter's Allen, Merry Legs, Nell Dement, Ramsey's Rena and Last Chance with no influence of the big lick horse.


Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders and Exhibitors Association

Spotted Saddle Horse Breeders and Exhibitors Association

 International Pleasure Walking Horse Registry


Spotted Alen Again

Shadow's Spotted Alen
 Lady Eldorado B.


Alen's Direct Hit



 Cloud Chaser's Image

Cloud Chaser Buster
Go Boy's Millie

Alen's Montana



Tramp's Dixie Star BH

Delight's Tramp
 Sun's Dixie Delight

Tramp's Lady Anna



Gypsy Lane Rhythm

Delight's Signal
 Sun's Go Boy Mary Lou

I'm Shannon's Rainbow


Rainbow's Dandy Man

Angel's Rainbow
Stormy White Miss


Rainbow's Sparkling Man



Barbie Doll Dutchess

Sundown Sam
 Doll Baby H.

Rainbow's Merry Robbie



Greater Glory Go Boy A.

Merry Go Boy ( W.G.C)
Sun's Greater Glory H.

Glory Go Boy's Robbie



Live Oaks Charm

Threat's Top Man
Bomber's Mischief M.




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Foundation Bred Homozygous Tobiano Tennessee Walking Horses and Spotted Saddle Horses